covid-19 Update

At Ingram Real Estate Investment, we are taking every precaution possible for our customers. We genuinely care about your safety and have implemented the following changes.

Locally owned and operated, Ingram Real Estate Investment, remains open in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. All of our work is in full compliance with social distancing. We recognize that our services are necessary for people who want options that restrict or eliminate human interaction. We have implemented the following options for the safe purchase of your property:

  • We have cash offer options without a single person coming inside your property. You tell us what works for you, and we will work out a solution that makes sense and feels safe to you.
  • We can close when you want to close. You can pick a general date now, and we can update that date as the circumstances change. The close date is completely in your control, fast or slow.
  • Our Attorney’s offer drive-thru closing. You can stay in your car, show your ID through the car window, and sign the documents alone in your car (or with your favorite people or pets in the car.)
  • You can take pictures of your house and text/email them to us, or we can arrange to take interior pictures of your house for you (we need less than 15 minutes). For safety, you can open all the doors, turn on all the lights, and we literally will not touch a single thing in your house while we take the pictures.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Ingram Real Estate Investment